Commonly Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

We cover Alabama statewide. 

Do you require a signed Letter of Faith?

No, we do not require a Letter of Faith at this time.

Will my child be able to go to college?

Yes, once your child/children has graduated we will send transcripts to the college of your choice.

Why should i choose a cover school for homeschooling?

Choosing a cover school insures you have the right amount of credits that you need for college or trade school. You wouldn't want to hand your selected college a  parent signed transcripts would you? No your wouldn't, besides that colleges will not accept that as proper transcripts.

Is this an online school?

No,McCulley Hill Christian School is a church school that provides hands on curriculum. Although we are not opposed to you using an online curriculum.

How many hours should i spend homeschooling my child? 

While there isn't a set time for this because each child is different below is a helpful guideline.

*PK/JK=20 minutes

*Kindergarten = 40 minutes

* First grade =1 hour

*Second grade = 1 hour 20 minutes

*Third grade = 1 hour 40 minutes

*Fourth grade = 2 hours

*Fifth grade = 2 hours 20 minutes

*Sixth grade = 2 hours 40 minutes

*Seventh grade = 3 hours

*Eighth grade = 3 hours 20 minutes

*Ninth grade = 3 hours 40 minutes

*Tenth grade = 4 hours

*Eleventh grade = 4 hours 20 minutes

*Twelvth grade = 4 hours 40 minutes