No student will be allowed to enroll without a parent or guardian present at the time of enrollment. At the time of enrollment, policies will be discussed and student information will be recorded. Each student will be evaluated by the administration and a decision will be made as to whether to accept the student. It will be the responsibly of the parent to obtain previous school records and present them to our office, or have them sent directly to us from the previous school. Any student who transfers from any public school or private school must complete a minimum of six months in order to graduate. Students will not be allowed to graduate before the age of seventeen years, but adults can come here, take the necessary courses and receive their diploma. Tuition and other fees, including the cost of books will be discussed at the time of enrollment. Books must be paid in advance of ordering, and a minimum of two months tuition will be collected at the time of enrollment. A SIX MONTH CONTRACT WILL BE SIGNED AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT AND WILL BE ENFORCED. If you do not plan to stay at least six month, do not enroll. Monthly turn-ins is a MUST. If you cannot come in you may mail in your monthly information and tuition payment. WE DO NOT TAKE CHECKS!!! If we do not receive your monthly reports, your child will be reported to the state and county boards of education as being in non-attendance. If your child has a driver's license, it will be revoked if he/she drops out of school before the age of 19. Once you have been reported to the state and the county and you decide to come back we will treat you as a new enrollment and you WILL pay a re-enrollment fee. We have very few rules, but monthly turn in times will be enforced if you stay here. The administration reserves the right to refuse to accept any student. We will carefully and prayerfully consider anyone who applies, but we will not just agree to accept any student. We do have certain standards and guidelines to follow. The various situations will be taken into consideration before any decision is made. We are here to serve and work with children, and will do all that is within our power to do just that, but, there will be some situations where we do not feel that we can help nor work with the student or parent.